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Produces dogfighters, but with less of the pirate stigma. These ships are more expensive, less spit-and-glue.

The Anvil Aerospace Hornet

Anvil Aerospace is a spacecraft manufacturer based on Terra, specialized in producing military fighter craft. They have a civilian division that brings some of their ships, most notably the Hornet, to private buyers.

Civilian division

Anvil's civilian development division was founded to allow private enterprise to take advantage of military-grade technology.
With the recent increase in Vanduul attacks and pirate raids on the frontier worlds, Anvil has sought to place effective deterrents in the hands of everyday Citizens. Whether you're protecting your home colony or safely navigating the unknown, Anvil's civilian line upholds the company's long tradition of rugged, top-of-the-line spaceframes.

Role in Vanduul Conflict

The engineers at Anvil Aerospace were among the civilian workers who indirectly helped UEE endeavours during its conflict with the Vanduul. Enemy craft like the Vanduul Scythe had obvious combat and research applications, but were unusable by human pilots thanks to their alien design. Anvil helped repurpose some of these ships for human use, giving the Empire a chance to use Vanduul weaponry against its creators.


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