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Manufacturer Drake Interplanetary
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Length 66.5 m
Beam 22 m
Height 14 m
Null-cargo mass 68000 Kg
Cargo capacity 20 t
Maximum crew 5 person
Upgrade space 12 slots
Maximum power plant size 5
Factory power plant Coming soon
Max engine (primary thruster) 2x TR5
Factory engine Coming soon
Maneuvering thrusters 8x TR2
Factory maneuvering thrusters Coming Soon
Shield Coming soon
Class-2 4 available
Class-3 2 available
Class-4 2 available
Additional equipment 1x L-Sys Mark III Tractor
Product page [N/A Caterpillar]
Drake maintains that the Caterpillar, a sprawling, modular spacecraft which appears at least somewhat like its namesake, is for legitimate commerce and extended search and rescue missions... but at the end of the day, the Caterpillar is truly the evil twin of the Freelancer.

Designed for supporting pirate operations, the Caterpillar features a large cargo hold for carrying loot, heavier armor than other freighters in its class and room for five crew able to serve in boarding operations. Despite its heavier armor, the Caterpillar isn’t a bulldog... a succesful operation will require a fighter escort.

The Caterpillar is a mercantile ship with a large cargo capacity manufactured by Drake Interplanetary. Drake advertises the ship as a mercantile and Search and Rescue vehicle, but its primary untold use is for piracy.

Original specs

In the original development document, the Caterpillar had the following specs:

 Upgrade Capacity: 8
 Cargo Capacity: 20 tonnes
 Modifiers: 2
 Max. Class: Anti-Matter
 Thrusters: 2x TR5, 8 x TR2
 4 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M2A Laser Cannon
 2 x Class 3: Non Equipped
 2 x Class 4: Equipped 2x Behring M5A Laser Cannon (turret), 1x L-Sys Mark III Tractor Beam


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