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Earth, Heart of the Empire

Earth is the capital world of the United Empire of Earth and the origin of the Human race. It is located in the Western Systems near a number of hostile races.

Terra is considered a sister world to Earth.

Current Situation

Being at the governmental center, Earth sets the standard for the rest of the worlds of the Empire. Naturally, being the namesake and origin of the Empire, things are generally skewed toward Earth's benefit. The Senate is disproportionately stacked in favor of the Earth's populace, and tax policies overwhelmingly favor Earth-based corporations.

Unfortunately, due to thousands of years of human habitation, Earth's own resources are nigh-exhausted. As such, importation is rampant. Nearly everything from food to raw materials to manufactured goods are imported to Earth to support the populace.

Military Presence

Naturally, the UEE military is massively centered around protecting Earth and nearby systems, and crimes are punished severely at the hands of the UEE Advocacy. Beyond that, the Western Systems are surrounded by several hostile races, all with a bone to pick with the UEE. Several Bengal-Class carriers are always stationed in the military dockyards orbiting Earth.

Notable Cities

Thanks to a thousand years of space travel, three cities have emerged as the major import/export centers of the planet: New York, Moscow, and Shanghai.

New York

File:NYC refined thumb.png

New York City

The cultural center and tastemaker of the UEE, New York features a combination of old-style architecture and ultra-modern arcology construction. Historical landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Central Park are preserved under domes of visicrete, so that visitors may enjoy them even among the surrounding supertowers. Generally unkind to bulk-sale of goods, there is yet a market for cultural trinkets from distant stars. Galleries display anything from Hadesian ice shoes to busted Xi'an engine coils and New Yorkers are more than happy to enjoy them.

New York is home to Roberts Space Indutries' headquarters complex, a tourist attraction drawing many visitors who wish to pay homage to the company that introduced Earth to the stars.

New York also happens to be the trade center of the Empire, and the massive shopping district surrounding the spaceport is testament to that. If you want it, you can find it there. Everything moves through the spaceport.



Moscow is the blue-collar hub of manufactured goods. Jump engines and thrusters are produced in massive factory complexes that span Ural mountains. Good are shipped to the city by high-speed train and loaded into ships for distribution among the stars.

Moscow is also known for a fair amount of luxury goods trading.



Shanghai is the largest starport in Asia, and is known to retain some semblance of natural vegetation as compared to New York or Moscow. Larger starships can water-dock in the nearby East China Sea, linked to the main city by high-speed rail. Idris-class corvettes are produced in the Aegis factory and put through their paces in the area before being deemed space-worthy.

Shanghai needs raw materials more than most, so they fetch a high price on the commodities market. The rarer and less likely the material is to be found on Earth, such as thermocrete and isometal, the higher the price on the market.

The black market thrives in Shanghai more so than any other port on Earth.

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