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Hardpoints are mounts on the exterior of a spacecraft where external systems, most commonly weapons, can be connected.

Hardpoint classes

A hardpoint's class determine what type of external systems can be mounted on it. A higher class hardpoint can accept any type of external system that fits on a lower class, but not the other way around.

  • Class 1: Fixed gun. These are for guns that fire straight forward.
  • Class 2: Articulated gun. Rarer and more expensive, articulated guns can pivot on one or more arcs like a turret, but with a more limited field of fire.
  • Class 3: Pylon. Accepts missiles, ECM units, radar pods, drop tanks, additional ammunition, special scanners, tractor beams, chaff dispenser, etc.
  • Class 4: Turret. Accepts that same fixed guns as class 1 hardpoints, but places them on turrets with a wide field of fire that may be controlled by another crewmember.