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Missiles are self-propelled weapons that often have some form of self-guidance and typically use some type of explosive warhead.

Missile characteristics


Some missiles are "dumb," having no guidance system and thus functioning like rockets.

For missiles that do have some form of self-guidance, the types of guidance can include:

  • Heat seeking
  • Image recognition
  • Friend or foe


Normally, missiles use a thermal jet propellant system fueled either by liquid or solid propellant, but larger missiles may use exotic propulsion systems similar to those of spacecraft.


The payloads of a missile can be:

  • PBX High Explosive (HE)
  • Nuclear
    • Fission
    • Fusion
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • Antimatter

Missile models

  • Behring Arrow: Dumb HE missile also known as Lemmings or Matchsticks
  • Talon Devastator Heat seeking missile with various payloads
  • Behring Judge: Friend-or-foe HE missile, sometimes with armor piercing capability
  • Talon IR4 Stalker: Image Recognition HE or Antimatter missile
  • Behring Mk2: Friend-or-foe MIRV missile (it divides into smaller missiles after being fired)
  • Joker XXV Vampire: Also known as Leech
  • Talon Fusion Torpedo: Dumb fusion missile
  • Joker XB-44 "TomatoCan": Image recognition or heat seeking HE fragmentation missiles
  • ASD BV-8 Blackout: Dumb or image recognition EMP missile
  • Talon SV32 Bulkhead Buster