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The BMW of the Star Citizen universe. Their craft are more expensive, sleeker looking status symbols, maybe more so than they’re worth? They get numbers instead of names: "Origin 300i," "Origin 890 Jump," "Origin M50 Turbo," etc.



ORIGIN was founded on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne, Germany on Earth during the Glowing Age of the mid-28th century. At first, the company specialized in producing high quality fusion engines for the UEE military as well as other companies' elite personal spacecraft. Once the need for personal craft grew enough, ORIGIN moved into the market with their own elite designs. Within fifty years they had caught up with Roberts Space Industries in gross profits. ORIGIN has held a strong second place ever since.

Originally, the company retained strong ties with Earth, even going so far as to insist on manufacturing all components in-system. Later the then-President of the company, Jennifer Friskers, made the declaration that Terra was the new cultural capital of the UEE, and moved the company headquarters to New Austin on Terra. ORIGIN is now the key employer in the area, and essentially New Austin is now a company town.