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Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Role {{{role}}}
Length 50 m
Beam 53 m
Height 12 m
Null-cargo mass 188000 Kg
Cargo capacity 30 t
Maximum crew 6 person
Upgrade space 8 slots
Maximum power plant size 6
Factory power plant Coming soon
Max engine (primary thruster) 2x TR5
Factory engine Coming soon
Maneuvering thrusters 8x TR2
Factory maneuvering thrusters Coming Soon
Shield Coming soon
Class-3 12 available
Class-5 5 available
Additional equipment Coming Soon
Product page [N/A Retaliator]


The Retaliator is the United Earth Empire's premiere, if aging, jump-capable heavy bomber. Massive formations of these spacecraft running long-range strike missions are not an uncommon sight around the fringes of the empire.

With a distinctive elongated silhouette that is dotted with turrets and carrying a massive bomb load, the Retaliator is an effective symbol of Imperial might. As such, they are the frequent centerpiece of Space Force recruiting posters. Retaliators are ground-based, with all but the largest carriers unable to operate them effectively. Heavily modified Retaliators are becoming commonplace on the civilian market as the design ages and earlier production runs are sold off en-mass. Outfitted to carry cargo instead of antimatter bombs and with the waste turret positions typically swapped for makeshift living quarters, they make a good medium freighter or a basic explorer. Some have even been converted into long-hop passenger spacecraft!

Original specs

In the original development document, the Retaliator had the following specs:

 Upgrade Capacity: 8
 Cargo Capacity: 30 tonnes (bomb-load)
 Modifiers: 3
 Max. Class: Antimatter
 Thrusters: 5 x TR5, 8 x TR2
 0 x Class 1: n/a
 0 x Class 2: n/a
 12 x Class 3: Equipped 8x A&R Stryker (FoF) missiles (maybe a note that the Retaliator can carry anti capital chip torpedoes?)
 5 x Class 4: 8x Behring M5A Laser Cannon (turret) – Ventral (underneath), dorsal (top), tail, left and right beam / waist (side)]

These were later changed to the following:

 Length: 50 m
 Beam: 24 m
 Height: 12 m
 Null-cargo mass: 89000 Kg
 Cargo Capacity: 30 tonnes
 Maximum Crew: 6 persons
 Upgrade Space: 8 slots
 Maximum Power Plant Size: 6
 Thrusters: 5 x TR5, 8 x TR2
 12 x Class-3
 5 x Class-5


In August 2015, the Retaliator was remodelled as a modular craft. As such, Citizens who had bought the original version of the ship were presented with the new edition pre-fitted with two torpedo bays.

Other module variants include:

  • A dropship module, said to be intended for use in future Star Marine missions.
  • A living space module, which will allow for the ship to be used as a personal transport, as well as to take NPC on long-distance trips.
  • Cargo modules that offer extra storage space.

Modules are set to be added into the game sometime after Arena Commander 2.0.


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