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Squadron 214 is a multi-spacecraft equipped unit of the United Empire of Earth.


Formally activated in 2675 as part of the widespread military expansion that followed Project Far Star, Squadron 214 soon became known as one of the jewels in the crown of the UEE's military presence.

The unit found early notoriety after their extended celebration of the first perfect score recorded in a HARD+ rated test. The squadron was briefly known as 'Branton's Braggarts', a reference to their then-CO Captain Charlotte Branton and their boastful response to success.

Frustrated by their conceited nature, ground crews took to painting black birds on the squadron's ships, poking fun at their continued 'cawing'. By the time the group were called into action, they were broadly known as the 'Black Crows'.

Unit Composition

While Squadron 214 has undergone various designations of ships and manpower over the years, at present they are an exclusively carrier-based squadron. The unit currently comprises of two flights of Hornets, one flight of Gladius Interceptors and an elite flight of Gladiator Light Bombers.

Bravo Flight

Known as the 'bloodthirsty birds', Bravo Flight is a group of bombers that have risen to some infamy thanks to their exploits fighting the Vanduul. Only confirmed ace pilots and gunners are assigned to the unit, and they're supported by a similarly flawless ground crew.

The Virgil Raid

One of the most well-known stories of Squadron 214 and Bravo Flight is their part in the Virgil Raid of 2932. A Vanduul presence had been detected in the Virgil system, but a request from Admiral Bonds to investigate the matter fell on deaf ears.

Nevertheless, Bonds decided to remain steadfast in his beliefs and broke rank, sending six Gladiators out to investigate; three stocked with search and rescue gear, and another three armed to the teeth in case things turned south. Indeed, those weapons would come in very useful — a skirmish with a Vanduul patrol could have been deadly, but thanks to the skills of the pilots and gunners involved, it was resolved with minimal losses for the Black Crows.

Once their opposition was taken care of, Bravo Flight headed planetside to investigate the beacon that had brought them out to these far reaches. It turned out to be the black box of a Squadron 214 ship lost decades earlier. Thanks to this discovery, the reputation of the gunner and pilot who had manned the ship and were thought missing was turned from a black mark on the Black Crows to a point of pride.