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The Star Citizen Patch V0.8.2 is a minor Arena Commander patch. It was released on 2014-06-12.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You must now press tab to show the cursor when the Arena Commander menu is open in the cockpit.

New Features/Fixes

  • Vanduul no longer show as committing suicide when defeating them with missiles
  • Added “Invert Flight Mouse” and “Invert Flight Controller” options to game settings screen
  • Helmet animation plays when putting on the helmet now
  • Ejection now counts towards player death
  • Added an expanded X52 mapping
  • Lighting fixes for AMD machines
  • Improved Aurora mount/dismount/idle animation
  • Increased fuel tank capacity to allow for longer afterburner use
  • Improved Thruster Animations
  • Improved Holoship destruction
  • Player is now able to access the scoreboard whilst waiting on respawn
  • Improvements on overlapping ship audio SFX
  • Fixed crashes when match round ends
  • 300i seat animations now added and improved
  • Entering 300i and Aurora with your helmet now displays the HUD on the helmet
  • Removed debug text from X55 HOTAS in key binding menu

Known Issues


  • Buggy can only move when using boost in the business hangar
  • Audio missing from legacy Aurora control panels when sit/standing in pilot seat
  • CF-117 Badger repeater geometry becomes offset when fired from firing range
  • Red replace me ball shown beneath DFM Trainer Hornet
  • Texture z-fighting appearing in DFM Trainer Aurora cockpit
  • Third person camera view can roll using Q and E

Vanduul swarm

  • Aurora boost level decreases when not using boost
  • Boost level not shown while flying 300i


  • Aurora boost level only shown as decreasing after first death
  • Other ships can appear to rotate when they actually are not
  • Scoreboard info not shown if round ends while outside of ship

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