United Empire of Earth

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United Empire of Earth
UEE Seal.png
Government: Elective Monarchy
Races: Human
Capital: Earth
Military: Army
Law Enforcement: UEE Advocacy


The government is known to be similar to that of the Roman Empire. There is an Imperator who serves the role of a monarch, and there is also a Senate.

Citizenship in the UEE is not automatic, requiring either military or civic service to obtain.


The UEE Military consists of three branches: The UEE Army, UEE Navy and UEE Marines. They are overseen by the High-General's Office who is in turn overseen by the currently elected Imperator.

The UEE Advocacy is the main police force of the UEE.


The UEE has expanded across many worlds, often through conquest and military expansion.

Current situation

There is a growing schism between the western and eastern parts of the Empire, which is overextended and facing difficulty keeping the borders safe. The west, which includes Earth, remains militaristic, largely due to the presence of violent alien factions like the Vanduul. The east, which includes the trade hub Terra with ten known jump points, is much more focused on trade and diplomacy with the two nearby friendly alien factions.

It is suggested that the United Empire of Earth's history will parallel that of the Roman Empire, and the two sides will eventually split off from each other. The sacking of Earth has also been indicated to be a future in-game event.

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