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Vanduul Scythe
Manufacturer Vanduul
Role {{{role}}}
Length 28.7 m
Beam 18.6 m
Height 9 m
Null-cargo mass 18000 Kg
Cargo capacity 0 t
Maximum crew 1 person
Upgrade space 4 slots
Maximum power plant size 3
Factory power plant Unknown
Max engine (primary thruster) 2x TR4
Factory engine Unknown
Maneuvering thrusters 12x TR2
Factory maneuvering thrusters Unknown
Shield Unknown
Class-1 1x Type IIG Heavy Maser (Vanduul)
1x IM Neutron (Vanduul)
Class-3 4x Chemical Reactive IR missile
Class-4 1x Scythe ramming blade
Additional equipment None Equipped
Product page [N/A Vanduul Scythe]


Fast becoming the symbol of the Vanduul Race, the Scythe is the foot soldier in every raid and the target of every human fighter pilot. Featuring a hefty weapons payload, the Scythe's real asset is its manueverability, found in the twin main and twelve manuevering thrusters.


Regular insurance policies do not cover alien spacecraft, however the Vanduul Scythe was sold in limited quantities with Lifetime Insurance during the Kickstarter campaign.

Empire Usage

As with several types of alien spacecraft, the Vanduul Scythe was repurposed for use by UEE citizens. Given the conflict between UEE forces and the Vanduul, this was largely done via military outfitters like Anvil Aerospace. Vanduul iconography is still front and center in the ship's HUD, but elements like the cockpit had to be refitted significantly so that human pilots would be able to use the craft.


A limited number of Scythes were sold as part of the initial Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen. It's been confirmed that there are no plans to offer the ship up for purchase again, but there will be other ways for players to get some flight time in the craft.

For one, future free-fly weeks will feature the ship occasionally. In addition, Imperator subscribers will receive a token for additional time piloting the Scythe each month. It's been confirmed that these tokens will stack, meaning that players who have subscribed for some time already will find themselves in possession of a considerable amount of time with the ship available to them when it is added into the game.



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