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Xi'An Empire
Government: Absolute hereditary monarchy
Races: Xi'An
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The Xi'An Empire is an alien race that made first contact with the United Empire of Earth in the year 2530.

Location and size

The Xi'An Empire controls at least fourteen systems along the border of the Eastern Systems of the United Empire of Earth. The exact number of systems controlled by the empire hasn't been disclosed, but it is generally assumed the Xi'An control additional systems farther from the border.


The Xi'An are ruled by an emperor with absolute power, and this title is passed down through the family line. The emperor is aided by a High Council of Advisors, each one representing a facet of the government. Each planet under Xi'An control is ruled by a council similar in structure to the High Council. Each member of these councils are subservient to their High Council counterpart.


All Xi'An, male or female, are required to serve fifteen years of active duty in the military. For the rest of their lives, they are considered to be reserve members. The standing Xi'An military is estimated to be sixteen million strong, and these estimates do not include the civilian population, all of which have combat training.


More than five centuries ago, Xi'An history was marked by frequent civil war and power struggles, but in more recent centuries, the Xi'An have eschewed overt conflict for subtle manipulation.

Relations between the Xi'An and the UEE had historically been tense and hostile. Open war was never declared, but UEE Imperators often used the Xi'An as an excuse to justify military buildups and to increase military authority. Covert actions, espionage, and sabotage efforts have led to many deaths on both sides. Emperor Kray negotiated a peace with Senator Akari of the UEE in 2789, and the revolution that resulted in the overthrow of Imperator Messer XIX is believed to owe its success to Xi'An manipulation.

The current Imperator is in clear support of strong relations between the Xi'An and the UEE, but owing to history and the long lifespans of the Xi'An, many in the Xi'An government are still wary and distrustful of the UEE. Still, Human corporations are entering into technology exchange deals with the Xi'An, strengthening ties between the two factions.